How we create Sonic Identity for a company

We start with defining the brand strategy. If the company has a developed brand book, we study it in detail. If not, we work with the client to develop the necessary branding elements to create a sound image.

We also study the target audience and competitors to understand what image we want to create for our brand. This will help us determine the tone and character of the sound that will match the brand strategy.

Next, we develop a sound identifier that will reflect the uniqueness of the brand. We use music and sound effects that reflect the character of the brand and it's values. Music has a strong impact on customers' emotions, so we choose music that will help strengthen the brand in their minds. We can develop both a complete melody or a song, as well as a few notes of a sound logo/jingle (usually 5-7 notes). Sometimes, instead of a melodic jingle, only sound effects are used if they are suitable for the brand.

Then we conduct audio testing to determine how our sound identifier is perceived by the client's target audience. We conduct research to ensure that the melody or jingle evokes the necessary emotions and influences brand recall overall.

After testing, we integrate the jingle into the audio marketing strategy. We use it in advertising (audio, video, OLV), on phone ringtones, in mobile applications and on websites, even for service sounds.

Ultimately, creating a strong sound identifier is a key element of our audio branding strategy. It helps the client strengthen their brand in customers' minds and improve the perception of the company.
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